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By using the Regional Government Emergency Response and Monitoring portal, health care workers can quickly view and add data for ventilators, staffing, pending discharges, and COVID related patients.

Getting started with the portal

Portal at a glance Browse to the Power Apps portal to work with staffing, equipment, supplies, patient, and other areas. The following section walks you through what you can access, submit, or update as the health care user of the portal.

You can use latest mobile devices and web browsers when using Regional Government Emergency Response and Monitoring portal except Apple iPad.

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Getting started with the portal When you visit the portal, you have an option to sign in, or for the first time, request access: Select Sign In when you already have signing opcijas atsauksmes icyu. Select Redeem Invitation if you'd like to redeem an invitation.

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You can also choose to request access using the Request option if you don't have an account alread. Request access Enter your first and last names, email address and mobile phone to request access to the portal.

To select the parent organization, use the search icon and then select the parent organization or search as appropriate.

You can select a role when you request access.

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The Parent Organization Administrator role lets you manage administrative tasks. Organizational HealthCare Worker role allows you to submit healthcare related information.

Working with reports in Power BI Before you begin review of available dashboards, get familiar with general report viewing concepts and guidelines: Selecting the information icon i in any of the summarized area takes you to the respective details page for the area. You can also do other actions on reports such as filter and sort data, export the report to PDF and PowerPoint, add a spotlight, and so on. The most recent or last updated columns in some of these reports show the date and time when the data was last refreshed. It's also easy to identify the freshness by viewing the color of the date and time values in these columns: Black: Data is refreshed less than 20 hours ago Gray: Data is refreshed 20 - 24 hours ago Red: Data is refreshed more than 24 hours ago System at a glance View entire Hospital System related statistics in one view with Opcijas atsauksmes icyu at a glance dashboard: The dashboard displays summary for the following: COVID stats: View COVID patient summary in numbers with total patients, patients under investigation, positive and intubated patients.

Report Viewer role is used to view various dashboards using the Regional Government Emergency Response and Monitoring portal. For report viewers from regional organization with no parent organization associated, you can select Regional Report Viewer role to view dashboards using the Regional Government Emergency Response and Monitoring portal.

For more information about roles, go to Users section in Administrative Tasks. After you submit your access request, you'll receive an acknowledgement on portal and you'll receive an email once your opcijas atsauksmes icyu request is processed. Redeem invitation Select Redeem invitation if you received an email invitation with opcijas atsauksmes icyu invitation code: You can select the checkbox I have an existing account if you are aware of your account already being present in the solution.

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Select Register to start registration process and provide your details to save in your account. Sign in If you already have email address and password available, enter your details and then select Sign in. You can save your credentials with Remember me check box if the device you use is not shared.

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If you forget your password, you can use the Forgot your password? You can use the search button to lookup records and search for your desired hospital, region or facility: Manage user profile Once you sign in, you can select the View Profile option from upper-right side of the screen to view and manage your profile: View profile When you select the profile on upper-right side of the screen, you can select the View Profile option to check and update your profile information: Change Password Select Change Password from left on the profile page to change your opcijas atsauksmes icyu password: Change Email Select Change Email to change your email address: Note You'll see a reminder to confirm your email address if not verified when you visit profile page.

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The reminders will disappear once you confirm your email address. Portal components The Regional Government Emergency Response and Monitoring portal consists of the following components: Bed capacity Collect details about bed licenses, capacity, acuteness, staffed beds, and surge data.

Staff Collect status of the RNs by location in that facility.

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Supplies Collect key supplies to track, manage, and forecast inventory more effectively. Note Pediatric occupancy options are disabled if the capacity isn't set to at least 1 at the selected facility. Number of beds in other inpatient areas currently occupied Number of beds in other inpatient areas occupied currently.

Portal at a glance

Number of decedent accommodations currently occupied Number of decedent accommodations occupied currently. Note: Only visible if the Total Mortuary Capacity for the selected facility is at least 1.

Inpatient Beds Staffing and Surge Capacity Select whether your facility is staffed for its inpatient bed capacity, and if your facility can izveidot opciju beyond your staffed inpatient bed capacity. If not, select the appropriate reasons. Option name Is your facility staffed to its full licensed bed capacity? If the answer is No, can select one or more reasons from the following: - Staff.